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This is game is cool but i think its my laptop but when it says type i type but its soooooo slow, but i think its my laptop probably slow :/ ( Still like this game! keep up the good work)

Hello Will? More like better sign your will because your days are numbered!! This text based game gave me some serious goose bump worthy moments. Definitely worthy of a playthrough. 

Hello Will...

This was an awesomely creepy game! gave me goosebumps! i hope this isn't real either XD but really good job on creating this!! keep up the great work :D

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I really didn't like this game. It feels like a cheap knock-off of "Annie96 is typing..". There are lines in this game that fit the story exactly. Besides that, the gameplay was flat and boring; the glitch effects didn't even add anything, they were just cheap jump-scares.       I would not recommend it to my friends.

Fair enough, thank you for the review!


I really enjoyed your game! Excellent suspense and a very engaging story! It left me wanting more! If you were to make a more fleshed out version of this game or another game that incorporates this, I'd definitely play it!

Hey! Thanks for playing! There's another game based on Hello Will that I'm working on!

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Thanks :)


Hey Elm! I played your horror game, I gotta say It was a good story, I was getting into it. But sadly it ended to quick. (don't worry I read the description, it said short horror game so I saw it coming)

I liked the idea how it was like Emily Is Away style. I wonder what happens in the end, maybe part 2 idk? Up to you. It's like an open ending where everyone can have their own opinions. Btw this Sam person is really stupid, I don't want to offend anyone by that name or your idea of Sam. I'm just saying this out there. 

Like for example she sees someone outside her house and just ends up texting Will all of the things she is seeing and what she is feeling right now. In that spand of time, if that was me, I would've called the cops if I saw a the creepy person right from the beginning. There were more things I wanted to complain about Sam but I will leave at this.

Overall I enjoyed the 10 minute read, it was quite the experience.  Good luck to your future games and your career Elm! :) Hope you don't mind I made a let's play.

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Hey Myerax! Thanks for playing it and making video on it! Shhh already working on sequel

Well if Sam did everything normal person would do, we wouldn't have story for the game :P

I will feature your video on the games page because you were first one to play it!

Thank you again!

No worries and good luck! Hope to see more!