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Let's Chat puts you in a custom operating system to tell you story how innocent chatting with strangers can be dangerous. You will have to check if you antivirus had updates recently and update it and answer smartly so you don't get tracked down.

But with a twist :)

Spoiler alert

If you are stuck on key part here are the answers:

First Key

Second Key


TagsHorror, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Lets Chat (Windows) 16 MB


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Second key link is not working. Anyone care to share?

I'm still stuck on the first key, it won't let me leave the screen 

hey I like the game

I uninstalled as soon as you put the first key on my computer and then i ran my real virus scanner just to make sure, I don't really like a game doing all of this on my computer.

I got to the first key and then the game froze my PC, it wouldn't let me doing anything else, i had to unplug the computer to turn the game off


Impossible to finish.. The second key opened up this website http://www.freenom.link/en/index.html?lang=en


When I try to get the second key, my pc doesn't open ur web and open that: http://www.freenom.link/es/index.html?lang=es

It's normal or you just stopped paying the domain?


i cant see the second key

The key thing randomly popped up..... Why did it pop up and how do I get passed it? It's super confusing.

Hi, in games description you have links "First Key" and "Second Key"

Oh ok thank you sorry it took so long for me to reply

the only thing that scared me was the fuckin knock. wtf that sounded so fuckin real!!!!

i actually played with those stuff in unity so i was kinda ok with it then came the have you locked the doors and i thought hey it's nothing then i heard the fuckin knock LMAO good one

It's very good despite made less than a week. Well done


This game is amazing but hopefully you get too carried away with the hacking. Good luck in the future

I didn't have it running as administrator, so should I be concerned it could still create a txt file and hijack my discord to close it? Because... not cool...

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10/10 my anti-virus deleted it after a minute of playing


that was  SCARY


a few errors that i noted, it used the  abbreviation of my country's name. you can easily input a list of the abbreviations and program it to translate into the full name of the country, also my location is very off for some reason, but anyway this game has potential and i'm looking forward to see what you can do with this,

Freaky but unfortunately real. Good job to the devs.

Gave it a go...

I lovvvvvvved this game, but I did get freaked out when it said about my skype and discord..... then shut them both down >,..,> 

yo I'm at school and I cant open pastebin PLEASE tell me what the first and second Key code is

I was really scared......

AHHH I SEE!! much better than last time.

That was simple but eerie. The ending made me shout "Fuuuuuuuck" having headset on and hearing that knock was very spooky, things appearing on my actual desktop and saying the name of my computer very nice touches. Hope you develop this more.


i found the first key fine but when i typed it in nothing happened, i tried clicking everywhere, pressing every button i could but it never changed from the screen telling me to find the key

Thanks for reply. Could you try restarting game? It's bug that was already reported I'm looking into it.

i did and it worked just fine! Thank you !


that knocking sound makes me scream and lock my door xD nice game my dude I think its an amazing game

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed! :)


You are very welcome my dude I did really enjoy it! Keep up the amazing work! :D


It was intresting I guess. The thing where it gets your name was kinda dissapointing becaude my computer name thing is'nt the same as my real name so mabye someway to respond to that would be good. Another thing is that I got stuck on the second key. I put it in but it did'nt go through if that makes any sense.

Thanks for comment. I will modify the options little bit in future. Also thanks for reporting the bug with keys, I'll look into that.

LOVE THE GAME.Scared me a little tho how do you know where I live.

Game gets your location through ipinfo.io it's only visible to you don't worry


The updated version good stuff

Thanks! Loved the video

there could be more... wasn't all that great so far.

Check out the new updated version! Hope you enjoy

how do i get the updated game

Just download the game again

wow a lot changed but i'm already stuck on the fist key ahaaaaa


Hey elm you dont have to listen to this comment but I think you have something really going I like how you have a chose on what you say also I enjoy the fact of a person online its a unique idea I know it will be a good game.


Thanks for the reply! I will make new update and probably more stories for the game!

this was good fun great concept thanks

Thanks, I saw some bugs there! Anyways thank you for playing the game!